3D Gold Printing is a service bureau specialized in manufacturing jewellery using the most contemporary 3D Printing technology. 3D Gold Printing works closely together with the two most leading companies in the development of 3D Printing technology, EOS in Germany and CPM in England. The partnership makes it possible to manufacture the most complex 3D designs as a service for any jewellery designer. For the manufacturing we are using the DMLS technology. Direct Melting Laser Sintering is a technology whereby layer by layer gold powder is melted to the each other until the end result is exactly the same as the original 3D Solid Model created by the designer.

The 3D Gold Printing sales team and service team will help you through the whole process so you can focus on designing jewellery. We take care for the manufacturing, the finishing, quality inspection and transportation to the designer or even to your customer under your label. You do not have to invest in expensive machinery or labour intensive finishing.

We deliver worldwide 24/7 and can handle all kind of Solid models.
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