3D Gold Printing is, as the name already states, a company focused on manufacturing parts in gold. We use 3D additive manufacturing technology to be able to create almost any shape the designer can think of. We are a service bureau so we manufacture, advise, support and help our customers in any way. At the moment we are able to produce 18 karat yellow gold parts, but in the near future we will be able to "print" in white gold, platinum and many other precious metals. Using this 3D Print technology, means we are also able to manufacture parts with organic shapes. Human faces captured with 3D Scanners are for instance a way to create the most exclusive pieces of jewellery. Using so called structures, gives you also the possibility to reduce the amount of gold inside the model. With honeycomb patterns, gold parts can be made to reduce weight still keeping the strength. Ask us about the possibilities. Send your questions, designs or wishes to us and we will help you to make the most fine pieces of jewellery. And of course, your designs are save, we will make a Non-Disclosure Agreement for any customer and/or design.
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